McNulty Management Group (MMG) is a military placement and career management firm. We provide services to military personnel of all ranks who are in transition or have recently left active duty status from the armed forces of the United States. We specialize in placing our military candidates by their geographic preferences, and we usually place them in outstanding opportunities located within just thirty miles of their most desired locations. Very few military placement firms can do that for you.

Our placement fees are paid by the companies which hire our military candidates.  

MMG is also one of the few companies which specialize in the civilian career management of retired and reserve flag and general officers. Our Flag and General Officer Division provides outstanding opportunities, management services, speaking engagements and board memberships to the officers who have led the U. S. military from its highest ranks.

MMG uses its proprietary 30/30 Placement Program™. The 30/30 Placement Program™ is the USA’s “gold standard” method for placing transitioning military personnel within thirty miles of where they desire to live. The 30/30 Placement Program™ is also licensed to military placement firms across the USA.

Do you have a favorite place you desire to live after the military?

Have you been told that you must be flexible on geography or you will sacrifice satisfying employment?

Does your spouse have a career and you need employment near his/her work?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact us in confidence by telephone at 757-460-0510, or by email at

MMG is also training new offices. Would you like to learn how to set up and run your own military placement business, with no franchise fee or major “up front” expenses? Ask us about these superb opportunities.




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